Jan. 4th, 2012

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Just a random little snippet that popped into my head one night... (along with a graphic I made to go with it)

Cross-posted to [community profile] darcy_loki

“You mean, you’re willing to place your life into my hands?” He was definitely looking at her with confusion now. Frustrated with herself, she looked down.

“Dude, I trust you.” She paused before adding half under her breath, “Despite my better judgment, I might add.” She flicked her eyes back up to meet his, just in time to see the surprise dawning on his face. It flickered there for a moment before he mastered his expression once more, but not before Darcy saw the barely perceptible thawing in his eyes. In a show of feigned indifference, to allow him to save face, she gave his hand a hearty pat, saying a touch too loudly, “It’ll probably come back around to bite me in the ass…”

He gave a brusque nod, the slightly bitter expression back on his face again. Something in her heart cracked at the sight of it.


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